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We always welcome questions, comments, and suggestions regarding our web site, parish, or the Orthodox faith in general. We will make every effort to respond to you within a reasonable amount of time, though please be aware that the number of inquiries received will affect response time.

Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church

1123 East Avenue
Erie, PA 16503

Voice: (814) 453-4902
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Church Officers

Richard Koerner - President
Elaine Stafford - Vice President
Lynne Hulse - Secretary
Michael Potter - Treasurer
David Tarasovich - Assistant Treasurer
Phyllis Tarasovich - Financial Secretary
Michael Gaydosh - Trustee
Tamara Kloss - Trustee
Kathy Irwin - Trustee
John Lipchik - Trustee
Beth Potter - Parliamentarian
Mark Beskid - Auditor
George Kramer - Auditor
Sandra Kulich - Auditor