Stewardship Vision    

"Making Christ present through Christian Stewardship"

Membership In The Church

A member is someone who is an active participant in the spiritual life of the parish. This means they are striving to comply in their life with the teachings of the Holy Orthodox Faith, attend Liturgy regularly on Sundays and Holy Days, receive the Sacraments on a regular basis and contribute to the best of their ability as directed by their conscience in support of the Church.

How is the Church Supported?

St. Nicholas Church is fully supported by the genorisity of parishioners, donors and friends; and receives no supplemental funding from our Diocese. The entirety of the parish operating budget comes from pledge offerings, other offerings, fundraisers and income from St. Nick's Grove.  As part of our parish stewardship program, all parishioners are encouraged to offer their time, talent and treasures to support our parish.

Contributing To the Parish

Parishioners and friends of the parish may offer their support in the form of an annual pledge with attendant donations, offerings during Liturgy in the offering basket, or by mail to St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, 1123 East Avenue, Erie, PA 16503.   Those who wish to contribute "on-line" may do so through their bank's on-line bill paying service.  There is usually no charge, and contributors can set up recurring donations.

For more information on offering Stewardship of your time, talent and treasures  to our parish, please contact the church office at 814-453-4902; or contact Richard Koerner, our Parish Stewardship Coordinator at

Making Christ Present

The Christian steward recognizes that time is precious. S/he does not enage in vain activities such as mindless TV watching, internet surfing, gossip or recreation that fails to re-create.

No where in Scriptures does it say we are to live a life of leisure.  


- How can I use my time to help those around me?  

- Is this uplifting my family?  

- Is this honoring God?  

- Will people see Christ when they observe my actions?  

- What am I not doing now, that I am capable of doing that can help others?

During this Lenten season, it is more important what comes out of our mouth than what goes into our mouth.  To paraphrase St. John Chrysostom, "For what good does it do to fast from food, yet devour our neighbor."

Parish Stewardship Ministry Committee

Richard Koerner - Coordinator
Joanne Coursin
Sandra Kulich
Phyllis Tarasovich
Alan Irwin


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Acts 20:35

"It is more blessed to give than to receive."

Worship Schedule

Vespers: Saturdays 4:00 pm
Eve of Great Feasts 7:00 pm

Liturgy:  Sundays 9:30 am; Feast Days 9:00 am

Moleben to St. Nectarios:
First Wednesday of The Month 6:00pm

Akathists & Other Services:
As Scheduled. Consult Church Bulletin

Concerning prayer in church, know that it is higher than prayers at home, for it is raised by a whole group of people, among which many are most pure prayers, offering to God from humble hearts, which He accepts as fragrant incense.

+ St. Macarius of Optina

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